Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar Center Mount Assembly

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Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar Center Mount Assembly

KC’s Pro6 Center Mount Assembly is made available to fit KC HiLiTES Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bars. This center mount provides added stabilization to Pro6 LED Light Bars while acting as a vibration dampener for extreme off-road conditions.




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-Pro6 Center Mount Assembly is specifically Designed for KC Gravity LED 32″-50″ Pro6 Light Bars

-High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

-Adjustable Design for achieving desired position of Pro6 Light Bar and vertical angle

-Stability and Vibration Dampening provided


-M10 Bolt and Nut

-Pair of M6 Bolts, Nuts,and Flat Washers

-Rectangular Bump stop w/threaded post

Pro6 LED Light Bar Center Mount Assembly

The Pro6 Center Mount Assembly attaches directly to Pro6 LED Light Bars, providing maximum stability and vibration dampening. The center mount assembly is adjustable and can be tightened or loosened in achieving the desired vertical angle of your LED Light bar.