5″ Apollo Pro Halogen Pair Pack System

5inches Apollo Pro Halogen Pair Pack | RaceWheels Australia

5″ Apollo Pro Halogen Pair Pack System

Kc’s 5″ Apollo Pro Halogen Pair Pack features 55-watt Halogen bulbs in spread, spot or fog beam patterns. Uses a tough round slim black polymax housing, glass lens, and built in stone guards for harsh terrains. Wiring Harness also included in the System.




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-5inches Apollo Pro Halogen Pair Pack – 55Watts Halogen Bulbs

-Slim Black Polymax Housing

-Computer Designed Polished Reflector Optics

-Durable Optical Quality Glass Lens

-Beam Pattern: Spread, Spot, or Fog Beam Pattern


-Raw Lumens: 1450 lm

-Lux @ 10 Meters: Spot- 981 lx , Spread- 442 lx , Fog- 196 lx

-Candela: Spot- 98,100 cd, Spread- 44,200 cd, Fog- 19,600 cd

-Beam Distance (Meters): Spot- 626m, Spread- 420m, Fog- 280m


-Wattage: 55W per light

-Amp Draw: 4.58A

-Voltage: 9V-32Volts

-IP Rating: IP67

-Product Dimensions: W – 4.875″ x H – 5.5″ x D – 2.875″

Parts Included in Pair Pack system

-Two (2) 55W 5″ Apollo Pro Halogen lights

-Two (2) Integrated Stone Guard/Bezels

-30 Amp Illuminated Switch w/ Switch Panel

-Deluxe Wiring Harness with 2-Pin weather proof connectors


5inches Apollo Pro Halogen Pair Pack delivers 981 lx @ 10m of light output with a beam distance of 626 meters. The Apollo Pro’s optical glass lens, computer designed polished optical reflectors and powerful 55W Halogen bulbs combine to produce super bright light output. Not only is there more range and power, but also improved clarity.


Spot Beam Pattern – Provides focused bright light for maximum forward distance and high-speed visibility.

Spread Beam Pattern – Provides a balanced wider beam of light that increases peripheral visibility, as well improved forward facing light for an increased range of visibility.

Fog Beam Pattern – Provides a low, extremely wide angle light pattern that increases visibility below your headlights into the distance. Fog beam adds additional light to directly in front of your vehicle with side illumination for road edges. Fog beam performs well in Fog, Snow, Rain, or low visibility conditions.


5inches Apollo Pro Halogen Pair Pack was created for the most demanding off road terrains. Featuring an IP67 rated Polymax housing and built in stone guards, these lights are engineered to last and perform for years to come.

Available Part Numbers

• 5″ Apollo Pro Pair Pack System – Black – KC #450 (Spot Beam)

• 5″ Apollo Pro Pair Pack System – Black – KC #451 (Spread Beam)

• 5″ Apollo Pro Halogen Pair Pack System – Black – KC #452 (Fog Beam)

Additional information

color size beam pattern

Fog – 55 Watts, Spot – 55 Watts, Spread – 55 Watts