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UTV Beadlock Raw Machined (401-R) | RaceWheels Australia

401-R > UTV Beadlock > Raw Machined

The MR401-R UTV Beadlock Raw Machined is the 2017 ultimate UTV Race Wheel. It will provide noticeably improved handling and improved feedback to the driver at 15×5 with a 0mm offset. The 401-R has managed to shed considerable weight with the wheel, ring and hardware package coming in at 15 lbs. Don’t mistake lightweight for weakness, as the 401-R maintains a 1600 lb. load rating. 401-R UTV also includes the V.2 ring . This forged 6061 piece is a new design that offers greater strength, less deflection and makes for an easier installation when mounting tires. As with all Method beadlocks, Grade 8 hardware is included with all wheels.


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